Primary Program

For children 3-6 years







The Montessori Primary program is
designed to nurture your child’s
development socially, emotionally, and
academically. During their years in the
Primary classroom the child will do
meaningful work that will support their
growth and develop their coordination,
concentration, sense of order and
independence. The child discovers
reading through phonics, mathematical
concepts through concrete materials,
and geographical relationships and
scientific information through
manipulating objects and real life

Half Day Program Schedule

Two Half Days (Tuesday & Thursday)


Three Half Days (Monday, Wednesday &



Five Half Days


Full Day Program Schedule


Two Full Days (Tuesday & Thursday)


Three Full Days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)


Four Full Days (Monday-Thursday)


Five Full Days


• 10% sibling discount offered to families
enrolling more than one child

• A $500 deposit per child deposit is required
at the time of application to secure a spot in
the program. This deposit will be applied
towards the cost of admission.