For children 24-36 months







Toddlers in a Montessori classroom are
assisted as they fulfill the basic human
tasks of trust, separation, independence,
and self-control. Toddlers are rapidly
changing during this developmental
period. In this nurturing program, children
learn to make order out of their
surroundings, to move with intention and
coordination and to communicate with
others. Children who stay for the whole
day program will enjoy a quiet hour after

Half Day Program Schedule

Two Half Days (Tuesday & Thursday)


Three Half Days (Monday, Wednesday &



Five Half Days


Full Day Program Schedule


Two Full Days (Tuesday & Thursday)


Three Full Days (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)


Four Full Days (Monday-Thursday)


Five Full Days


• 10% sibling discount offered to families
enrolling more than one child

• A $500 deposit per child deposit is required
at the time of application to secure a spot in
the program. This deposit will be applied
towards the cost of admission.